ES 90 Brochure

ES 90 system is a parallel sliding solution for large opening dimensions. It is part of EGYBEL international series, it designed to achieve a combination of durability and high performance, with a wide range of applications and openings designed to meet the architect’s creativity and the clients’ satisfaction.
ES 90’s system is a high-quality system based on a unique and smart design to enable the maximum view, with a highly stable profile using a 2 mm wall thickness to achieve the most international standards. The system uses specialized accessories and fittings designed and manufactured specifically for EGYBEL from the biggest accessories manufacturer in Europe.

ES 90 Technical Description

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System options

    • ES 90 system is the best solution for medium and large opening dimensions for either doors or windows.
    • ES 90 system has 2 rails to have 2, 3, 4 or 6 sashes, with built-in or without architrave or mosquito screen rails to meet the architect or client’s requirements.
    • ES 90 system’s frame has the possibility to have either built-in aluminum rail in the frame for the sliding action of the sash, to be painted with the same color of the frame or additional aluminum rail (silver galvanized) to have an attractive appearance and scratch-free rail for the heavyweight sashes.
    • ES 90 system has the possibility to have an additional rail for the third sash.

Technical Characteristics

VariantSingle GlazingDouble Glazing

Frame Width

2 Rails


90 mm – 118 mm

Frame Height21.1 / 48.7 mm.
Maximum sash weight80 Kg.210 Kg.
Sash width400 – 2500 mm.
Sash height400 – 2400 mm.
Glass thickness4 – 6 mm.14 – 27 mm.


Warmth              ★★★✩✩

Silence                ★★★★✩

Price/quality    ★★★★★