You’re going to be looking at your windows on a daily basis. Once they’re installed, they’ll be an essential part of your home. Because of this, you’ll want to find windows that you enjoy looking at.
Egybel glass doors and windows come in a range of styles, which means you should be able to find quite a few options that are in line with your personal tastes. Try to look at an array of windows so that you can find some options that stand out to you.

Variety Of Options

ProductMaterialsMaterials variantsProducts Example
Only TemperedGlass
  • 5mm flat
  • 5mm bent
  • 19mm flat
  • 10mm clear tempered glass with drills and cut-outs. (Facade glass)
  • 12mm clear tempered glass with drills and cut-outs. (Facade glass)
  • 6mm clear tempered glass with holes for spider system.
Polycarbonate resin for water jet machine
Spider system batch fittingsLock
Top hinge
Bottom hinge
Fixing rails
  • 5mm clear glass with black paint.
  • 6mm bronze reflective glass with black & gold
  • paint.    100 tinted blue glass with white paint.
Printing Ink
Ink Lighter
Ceramic FritGlass
ProductMaterialsMaterials variantsProducts Example
Sand Blasted


Aluminum Oxide
Vinyl Sticker
  • 4mm clear annealed glass with sandblasting.
  • 5mm clear tempered glass with sandblasting design.
  • 6mm green annealed glass with sandblasting.
ProductMaterialsMaterials variantsProducts Example

Double adhesive tape



P.V.B (Different thickness and Colors)

(Different thickness and Colors)


P.V.B film (0.38mm).
P.V.B film (0.76mm).
P.V.B film (1.14mm).
  • 3mm clear annealed glass+0.38 clear P.V.B+3mm clear annealed glass.
  •  4mm clear tempered glass+0.76 clear P.V.B+4mm clear tempered glass.
  • 6mm clear tempered glass+1.14 blue P.V.B+5mm clear annealed glass.
ProductMaterialsMaterials variantsProducts Example
Double GlazedDouble or triple layers of glass 
  • 6mm clear annealed glass+6mm aluminum Spacer+6mm clear annealed glass.
  • 5mm Clear tempered glass+10mm aluminum Spacer+4mm clear annealed glass sandblasted.
  • 6mm reflective blue tempered glass -12mm super spacer+6.38mm clear laminated glass.
SpacerAluminum spacer (Different width 6,8,10,12,15…).
Super spacer (Different width).
Decoration bars(Different types)
Accessories for decoration bars.(Different types)
Silica gill (Desiccant). 
Steel connector for aluminum spacer(Different width).
Plastic corner angles (Optional for aluminum spacer )(Different width).
Butyl material. 
double adhesive tape instead of butyl. (Optional)(Different types)
IG silicon (Dow corning 3362). 
Argon gas filling inside the unit. (Optional) 
Special plastic corner for injection process (Only in Case of Argon gas)