The Production of Windows, Doors & Curtain Walls, consist of multiple fabrications facilities with a total annual production of 200,000m2 / year.
Careful planning and integral quality control are established in every step of the manufacturing process. From the initial stages of the projects which require bracket design, manufacturing, and fixing to the extensive in factory gasket fixing, window frame assembly, CNC drilling onwards. Only the strictest screening controls are used to ensure competency in Specifications, Quality, and HSE requirements. The factory comprises of 4 production lines adopted from the Japanese production concepts used by Toyota. All manufacturing stages are supervised by our trained engineers and foremen.

The following production tools are available:
1- Sawing machines.
2- Milling and drilling machines.
3- Corner assembly machines.
4- Automatic bending machines.
5- Die casting facility.
6- Four CNC profile processing machines (5 axes and 3 axes)
7- Quality control supervisors and inspection according to the international standard specifications (AAMA, ASTM)
8- Test Rig for windows testing.

Window profile with tree glass surface, vector illustration

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