The glass process flow consists of an elaborate and sophisticated systems in glass manufacturing which include cutting, refining edges and polishing glass. Our production lines have the capabilities to produce insulated glass units, laminated glass and heat treated glass all done according to our clients’ requirements. We only employ the most highly skilled technicians and the most advanced machinery to undertake the responsibility of providing the finest results.

We ensure top quality checkpoints every step of the way as glass moves on in its production life-cycle. All our operators are responsible to comply with the inspection criteria and EGYBEL Quality handbook.


Our Lines include the following:


  • Laminated Glass
  • Insulated Glass Units (IGU)
  • Fully tempered Glass (FT)
  • Heat Strengthened Glass (HS)
  • Heat Treated Glass
  • Water jet drilling machine
  • Flat edge Beveling
  • Printed Glass