Built on an extensive area of 27,000 square meters, EGYBEL’s windows, doors & curtain wall factory produces more than 10,000m2 of final product each month.

Careful planning and integral quality control is established in every step of the manufacturing process. From the initial stages of the projects which require bracket design, manufacturing and fixing to the extensive in factory gasket fixing, window frame assembly, CNC drilling onwards. Only the strictest screening controls are used to ensure competency in Specifications, Quality and HSE requirements.

The factory comprises of 4 production lines adopted from the Japanese production concepts used by Toyota. All manufacturing stages are supervised by our trained engineers and foremen.


Product Fabrication Unit Setup:

Before setting up a unit, you must have a customized project report in hand. From there you will get information about the material and production planning to hand over the materials to the production floor and load the machinery according to the order specifications and window types.

Aluminium Door Window Raw Materials

Aluminum windows and doors are essentially aluminum profiles manufactured as the basic raw material-more commonly referred to as extrusions. It is a simple process of cutting the window framing rails to length, inserting the glass and gaskets, and attaching the rails that are screw-fastened or corner crimped in the corners. Hardware and accessories must be preselected before hand so that the pre-loaded CNC program can start drilling the profiles accordingly.


Fabrication Machinery

Compound miter saw and CNC drilling machines are used to cut the profiles and create all the connection attachments of the hardware and accessories. More typically stand alone milling, drilling and punching machines are used depending on the operation required to have the most optimum production speed for a specific job order. Production lines are also fitted with pneumatic hand tools to aid the technicians throughout the process.